Enroll Your Child

For information about enrolling your child(ren) for Montessori classes, please contact our principal, Christine VanderRee, at Queneesh Elementary – 250-334-4089. The guidelines for program enrollment are made by School District 71. Registration generally occurs in early February. Registration dates are posted on the Home Page as well as on our Facebook page.
Become a Member of the CVMS

We recommend that parents and guardians become members of the society. Members are kept informed of the status and proceedings of the society and the program. Your personal information is kept confidential and will be used only by the CVMS to prepare for funding and program availability. There is no charge to join.

To enroll as a member, please contact our email address and include your name, phone number, address and the ages of your children that you have or plan to, enroll. cvmontessori@gmail.com.*

*Membership with the CVMS does not ensure enrollment of your child in the Montessori program.